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A little motivational message from me for me;  YOU GIVE UP I'LL TEAR OUT YOU'RE SPINE!!!!!
Finally started typing a shiznat fanfic.  Feels like I accomplished something after all I am a lazy s.o.b.
Natsuki:  Instead of wielding dual pistols, she will wield a great sword with an engraving of Duran on it.  When she has the curse mark it appears on the sword as well and spreads out in the same fashion as it does on her body.  She will still have strong feelings for Shizuru but due to her fear of intimacy she has a hard time understanding and admitting them.

Shizuru:  She will wield her naginata up until it breaks.  At which point she will go through a trial to gain the ability to weild her robe and double bladed katana.  Of course she will still have strong feelings for Natsuki, however she will have a small fear of rejection that prevents her from outright expressing her feelings.  But as Natsuki begins to succumb to the curse mark an urge to help her abolishes Shizuru's fear of rejection.

The Jury:  A group of elite warriors and mages who serve under the infamous Judge.  Their power is the stuff legends are made of.

Juror #1:  The most powerful of the Jury his mask is that of an expressionless face.  His element is wind and his weopon is a staff.  Over the past couple of months he has begun to question the Judge's motives.

Juror #12:  THe youngest (newest) member of The Jury.  She is distinctly female, (gender can be hard to determine due to their robes and masks).  Her mask is that of a crying face and her element is darkness, usually manifesting itself as lightning.  She prefers hand to hand combat over a weapon.  And is skilled enough to easily disarm her opponent with minimal damage.  She is the most compassionate of The Jury.
Ok I will use this journal as a way to keep track of character profiles events about doujinshi ect.

Lilltith: A beautiful woman and leader of the mercanary guild. her strong will has carried her across countless worlds and planes.  Its questionable if she even is human.  Her husband the Shadowdancer has currently left to find an old friend in need of help within in the horrors of the infinite abyss.  Lily her daughter blames Lillith for putting her command over the guild as priorty to helping her husband.  At the moment Lillith is unsure of what to do.